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docRewrite is a team of native-English-speaking professional editors with decades of professional writing and editing experience who are dedicated to the task of helping those who can write in English, but whose English language skills are not up to professional standards. Our focus is on helping writers of English, whether they are native or non-native English speakers, to write professional-quality documents. And because we understand that marking up documents with traditional editorial symbols and comments can be difficult for non-professional writers to incorporate, and can lead to further errors, we will rewrite your documents and return them to you ready for publication or other use.

Who We Are

docRewrite is part of LogicTree, Inc. We are a privately held company which has been building web-based products and services since 2007.

Lawrence Marinozzi is our lead editor. Mr. Marinozzi has three decades of experience writing and editing business and technical documents for many large and small companies in the computer industry, including Wang Laboratories, Digital Equipment Corporation, and several startups.